Our Mission:

Our mission is our CLIENTS and to provide them with the most positive and pure experience possible in the world of beauty. The Terra Cotta world of beauty. Where our staff are professional and positive and our products are pure and chemical free.

Our Vision:

Our vision is our ARTISTS and to provide them with a positive environment so they may perfect their craft in the world of beauty. The Terra Cotta world of beauty. Where artists have an opportunity to grow in their craft through continuing education classes offered in our training facility on site. Artists also have the ability to grow financially from a commission based employee to leasing their own suite.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to help ARTISTS in the fields of Hair, Nails, Skin, Lashes, Brows and Massage become independent entrepreneurs. Thus providing the means to "the life you want through the work you put in."

Get the royal treatment from the second you walk through our doors

Come to our beauty salon in Boise, ID

Going to the beauty salon shouldn't feel like a chore. We want to give you an amazing experience, so you can feel relaxed and pampered as soon as you walk through our doors.

After being greeted by our friendly receptionist, you can treat yourself to coffee and snacks to make your wait more enjoyable. We even have private salon suites available to rent on a monthly basis. Visit our hair and nail salon today to get the full VIP treatment.

Discover the Terra Cotta Salon and Suites difference

Your search for a go-to hair and nail salon ends today. You'll love working with us because we:

  • Cater to all individuals
  • Hold a cosmetology license
  • Employ a skilled and friendly team
  • Have years of experience doing hair
  • Rely on over 13 years of nail art experience

Whether you want to look your best for church or your upcoming wedding, you can count on us. Call 208-375-3550 today to set up an appointment at our nail and hair salon.

Want Fierce Hair and Flawless Nails?

Come to our beauty salon in Boise, ID

Are you tired of spending hours styling your own hair and painting your own nails? Looking flawless can be effortless when you come to Terra Cotta Salon and Suites in Boise, ID. Our beauty salon offers a wide range of services, including facials, pedicures, manicures and haircuts.